My Latest Project:

If I’ve been quiet lately, it’s because most of my time has been going into my latest project, which you can find at It’s a Korean job board that allows you to search by location, salary, hours, etc. For those who don’t know, I’ve lived and worked in Korea for the past four years. In that time I’ve spend a lot of time on existing job websites, and after being frustrated by the inability to perform an advanced job search, Korea Job Finder was born.

Probably 99% of the jobs in Korea for foreigners (English speakers) are teaching ESL, but because of a scarcity of quality job websites in Korea (companies like Monster and Careerbuilder don’t really have  a big presence, for whatever reason), I decided to have KJF cater to non-teaching jobs as well. I basically took all my complaints about existing job boards, and made that my “to-do” list for Korea Job Finder.

I realize this won’t be useful to most of the people who read this website, but I figured I’d throw it out there anyway. For one, it explains my inactivity recently, and secondly, with the recession as bad as it is, who knows who might consider up and moving to a different country to find a new job.

For the uninitiated, anyone with a bachelor’s degree in any subject can teach ESL in Korea. The school that hires you typically pays for round trip airfare, so you don’t have to move until after you’ve found a job. (If the school doesn’t offer this, insist upon it in the contract, or look for another job. There are plenty.) Salaries are typically $25,000 – $30,000 per year, but a) Korean taxes are only about 3%, and b) a lot of employers will pay for your apartment as part of the contract. All in all, you can live for quite cheaply in South Korea, and it’s not too difficult to save around $1,000 per month while living comfortably.

So for those living in South Korea or not happy with their job and looking for something completely different, check out Korea Job Finder. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into this website, so hopefully some of the readers here find it useful.

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Website Launched website officially relaunched! Good things to come in time.

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