Making Obsession into a Positive Force

Obsession can be a powerful force. It can provide energy, exhilaration, enhanced ability, and a sense of renewed purpose. But it also has the ability to unhinge and unbalance the obsessed individual. The most common signs would be neglect of other aspects of their personal lives, devaluation of other matters, and time consumption of great magnitude for the continuation of the obsessive behaviour. In some instances, when the obsession is removed or diminished, it can result in the obsessed person feeling devastated, equating their obsession with their only chance at happiness and contentment.

Despite its dangers, we should acknowledged that a good number of people who have achieved great things in their lives have been driven by some level of obsession. The secret, then, is controlling that obsession so it doesn’t negatively affect other areas of your life. When properly harnessed, there is an increase in the amount of energy, drive, determination, and increased adaptability despite the difficulties.

Here are some tips to harness obsession, and put this beast under your control without suffering its drawbacks:

  1. Distraction Schedule. Denying the existence of an obsession would be denying reality and it will only make the condition worse. Instead, at varying intervals, find an attractive and pleasurable activity that can break the obsessive habit. This break can help get you back to reality instead of being just cooped up in your own head.
  2. Completing Tasks. Oftentimes, obsession digs its dark talons into one’s psyche because of an uncompleted task or absence of proper closure. In order to control it, put goals and milestones in front of you. Once one of these milestones has been achieved, then take a break, and this will help recharge your batteries. This works best in conjunction with the previous tip.
  3. Larger Focus. Having a purpose or a mission can prevent one from falling into the quagmire of meaninglessness. If your mission brings upliftment to others, then you can find purpose and meaning, making your life more balanced, anchored and upright. With this, you can prevent obsession from overwhelming your life.
  4. Practice Grounding. There are many ways to ground oneself. Examples would be meditation, a physical activity or a martial art that can make other parts of your mind and body to do things aside from the obsessive behavior.
  5. Listen to Family. Being obsessed sends messages to others around you and when they tell you that, listen to them for your own good.

The key here is not extinguishing the obsession but in controlling it. Managing the obsessive behavior can make the obsession helpful rather than detrimental. Ultimately, the need to hold on to these obsessions will pass, leaving memories and good habits in how to control emotions to make them help you in the long run.

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