The Hidden Power of Smiling

Another TED talk from me, this one on smiling.

The thing is, it’s often thought that we smile because we feel happy. But studies have shown the opposite is actually true as well — we feel happy because we smile. And other studies have shown that people who smile often have more successful marriages, lead more fulfilling lives, and live longer. Yes — people who smile often actually have longer lives.

If such a simple act can have such a profound effect, why don’t we do it more often? Take a minute to watch this TED talk. And while you’re watching it, why not practice smiling 😉

This doesn’t mean you should force it. Just as you go about your daily life, periodically take the time to feel that joy inside you, and let it show itself as a smile.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. By taking time every day to relax and find something to smile about, you’ll not only make your life better, but also longer.

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